Benefits of H-1B Visa for the US Employment

The H-1B visa is allotted under the US Immigration and Nationality Act, where US employers are allowed to hire foreign workers for special positions temporarily. This visa is undoubtedly the most sought long-term work visa in the US for years. And why not? The benefits that this visa provides to the workers are attractive for any person who is seeking employment in the US.

Millions of applications are sent every fiscal year for this visa, and even after the stricter US immigration policy, the numbers have not fallen. In 2015, USCIS approved 2.88 lakh applications, while this year (in 2019), the number went to 3.89 lakh. Last year the number of approved visa applications was 3.35 Lakh.

Here are the benefits of H-1B visa to foreign workers:

  • Anyone Can Apply

No matter from which country you are, you can apply for the H-1B visa. It is open to nationals and citizens of any country.

  • Broad Requirements

Perhaps one of the main reasons behind the popularity of the H-1B visa is the general requirements for qualifying for this visa. Unlike many other working visas which demand the beneficiary to have a specific qualification, experience, work position, or thousands of dollars of investment, this visa requires: A bachelor’s degree (from a recognized university) for a specialty occupation. The US university bachelor’s or higher degree for a specific specialty occupation.

  • Initial Duration of Stay:

Another benefit of the H-1B visa is the initial duration of stay allowed when you receive your visa. Holding this visa will enable you to stay for three years initially, and then it can be extended to six years. After this, one has to re-apply!

  • Status Portability:

The H-1B allows visa holders to port their status of employment from employer to another during their stay. The visa holder can work part-time, or he/she can work for multiple employers at the same time.

  • Dual Intent

The H-1B visa is considered to be a “dual intent” visa. In simple words, you can apply for permanent residency while holding this visa. Many other visas do not allow this!

Apart from its attractive benefits to the beneficiary, which makes it attractive for US employers is that it helps in tackling local labor shortages and get global competitiveness. The US employers are ready to work with foreign workers as it is cost-effective for them. Many Indian workers are employed in the US at temporary or permanent positions through the H-1B visa.

Recently, India’s Foreign Minister informed Parliament that of all the H-1B visas approved by the US in the last five fiscal years, 67% to 72% visas are approved to Indian.

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