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closer look at where Jansen’s progression stands  


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08/05/2018 8:14 am  

In the eyes of Toronto Blue Jays decision makers , Danny Jansen is no longer a prospect. He’s past that point.

Of course Ezequiel Carrera Jersey, that may sound odd given the 23 year old Buffalo Bisons catcher has never played a major league game and currently ranks as the No. 6 prospect in the organization, per MLB Pipeline.

We’ll let Ben Cherington, Blue Jays vice president of baseball operations, explain.

“The way we see it is when you get to triple A you’re no longer a prospect,” Cherington says. “There’s no such thing as a prospect in triple A. You’re either ready to contribute to the big leagues or you’re not. So, once you’re here , it’s really a question of when you’ve accomplished enough toward your goals to be ready and then, when does an opportunity come up?

“Sometimes those things don’t happen at the same time. But when they do , he’s got a chance to go up and help our team.”

Jansen blazed through the farm system last season and now sits just behind major league catchers Russell Martin and Luke Maile on the organizational depth chart. He’s simply fine tuning specific aspects of his game as he awaits an opening on the Blue Jays roster.

“It’s hard to say when that will be, but he’s doing his part,” says Cherington.

Here’s a closer look at where Jansen’s progression stands, from the vantage points of the people around him on a daily basis.