Once your H-1B visa is approved, you receive a green signal from the USA government to work in the country for a 3-6 years. You can use this visa to get a job and live a settled life. However, once the H1B visa is approved, the next immediate question that is asked by the visa[…]

The H-1B visa is allotted under the US Immigration and Nationality Act, where US employers are allowed to hire foreign workers for special positions temporarily. This visa is undoubtedly the most sought long-term work visa in the US for years. And why not? The benefits that this visa provides to the workers are attractive for[…]

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H-1B Work Visa Programs

A Ray of Sunshine for Indian H-1B Visa Applicants after Recent Scare A string of changes in the processing of H-1B visas in recent times has been keeping visa applicants on their toes. It would be no exaggeration to term the entire H-1B visa application process and its outcome a roller-coaster ride now. The far-reaching[…]

H-1B Visa Approval

An alarming 10 per centdrop in the approval of H-1B visas by the United States in the year 2018 has resulted in much apprehension and uncertainty among visa applicants. It signals increased complications and uncertainties in the coming times, which can play spoilsport for those looking to build a good life in the United States.[…]

H-1B Visas

The coming months are going to be crucial for H-1B petitioners and beneficiaries as they are set to unfold what’s in store for them. After months of hard work, patience and long wait, they will finally come to know whether their applications have been selected in the lottery and are on the verge of approval.[…]

A Promising Step toward Easy H-1B Visa Approval

The practice of H-1B denials and short-term Visa approvals in December is hopefully set to be scrapped soon. The unfair and discriminating initiative imposed by USCIS (United States Customs and Immigration Services) drew widespread opposition from several quarters for depriving bright professionals of promising job opportunities and careers in the United States.  Many members from[…]

It is reassuring to see that the H1B denials and short-term Visa approvals unjustly initiated by USCIS (United States Customs and Immigration Services) may soon come to an end. Several members of an organization named ITSERVE raised their voice against this unjust practice by filing cases against USCIS individually. Following that, they appealed to the[…]

H1B Candidates Taking out US Jobs

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